Process package

More than two decades of experiences in production of gas equipment and different packages, TGEC technology has been utilized in many projects and stations and in its own investment projects as well.

A natural gas processing plant is required for most gas streams that are produced from a gas well or an associated oil well. Oil associated gas generally is containing of water, NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), CO2 and H2S. This oil associated gas that come from oil wells usually requires processing to remove these contaminates from the gas stream. One of the main methods for different gas separation is refrigerating of gas. We need to deferential pressure for refrigerating of fluid. So, the main part of gas refinery is gas compression, that we produce it by our own technology.

TGEC produce different gas process package comprising: CNG, LPG, NGL, H2s Removal, Co2 Removal,….