TamkarGas History

Tamkar Gas Equipment Company (TGEC) his begun when Iranian authorities decided to develop CNG industry in 2000. TGEC has been established in March of 2001 to produce CNG fueling station equipment to cover parts of CNG industry development requirements. In the first step we have produced CNG station trough supply of CNG compressor and other equipment and packaging of them. After succeeding of the first step projects, we have triggered the second developmental step in 2007. In this step we have transferred compressor design and manufacturing know-how from GREENFIELD Company. GREENFIELD’s origins derive principally from the Standard High-Pressure Compressor business of Sulzer Burckhardt in Switzerland and include all the physical assets and technological know-how, which is embodied in its dedicated staff of professionals and its well-known products.

Because of reaching to a satisfactory production of reciprocating compressors during 2007 to 2015, we have started investment in some flare gas recovery projects to apply our own compressors in these projects. In the late 2016, we have commissioned Parsi flare gas recovery and we honored to say that our compressors still work continuously with the minimum maintenance cost. Marun flare gas recovery is the second investment experience. This project has been commissioned in April 2021. Our eager to investment projects is a result of our confidence on our compressors proper operation.